Iowa Dental Care For Soldiers

With Dr. McCullough's military experience, he is able to meet dental readiness standards of the United States military. Dr. McCullough and the administrative staff have the knowledge and experience needed to complete military documentation required for deployments or stateside annual exams.

We know the importance of preventing and treating dental needs for those being sent to a combat environment and we will make sure to accommodate those needs in a professional manner with care and concern of time constraints.

Dr. Matt McCullough

Dr. Matt McCullough joined the U.S. National Guard in 1996 serving in the 294th Medical Detachment in Iowa City, Iowa while at The University of Iowa, College of Dentistry. Dr. McCullough served on active duty in 2003 with the United States Army in Balad, Iraq just north of Baghdad with Operation Iraqi Freedom. Dr. McCullough was raised in a military family and continues to enjoy serving our military personnel.