Daren & DeAnn

Our family, all 9 of us, has been coming to Dr. Matt McCullough for our dental needs for 11 years. We have had the typical dental work like cleanings and cavities filled. We have had the not so typical, such as, tooth pulling, veneers, and crowns. Each time we have been pleased with the results. Even more so, we are pleased with the friendliness of the staff. There is always a big welcoming smile when my family makes their grand entrance into the office. Each time the staff takes the time to get to know my children and show a general interest in their life. This is important for them to feel relaxed and at ease. My children all love coming to Dr. McCullough’s office. Even my youngest ,who says she doesn’t like “that man” and then secretly tells me she is teasing him. We all laugh and love how Dr. McCullough plays a long.

I have seen McCullough Family Dentistry grow over the last 11 years. They have moved into a new building, remolded that buiding, is now adding onto that building, and added more dentists. The one thing that has remained the same is how they make you feel special when you are there.

Not only does McCullough Family Dentistry serve your family’s dental needs, with McCullough Family Dentistry, you ARE family.

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