Dr. Matt McCullough has been my dentist for ten years. I came from a variety of dental experiences, including frequent changes in dentists as we moved, a period of time overseas, and even childhood "horror" stories. These circumstances certainly made me hesitant to go to yet another dentist for care.

Dr. McCullough and his staff quickly put me at ease with excellence in their work and kindness and sensitivity to any of my concerns. I am one who wants to know explanations and specifics, and the staff has patiently answered my questions and shown details so I will have understanding of the procedures.

My appointments have ranged from cleaning and routine check-ups to fillings, crowns, and bridges. From former decades when there were painful procedures, today's experiences are quite pain free. Staff are careful even to check with the aftermath of procedures to know of progress or follow-up, if necessary.

I look forward to the interaction in going for my appointments, feeling that the staff are friends. The idea of Family Dentistry takes on a couple of meanings for me... to be of service for all the family... and also to make the patients feel like family.

From Shirley's welcoming smiles and words, I am greeted by name by others of the staff. With Crystal, my hygienist, we have common interests, and we try to catch up briefly since my most recent appointment. The staff always make me feel that I am welcome... but I see that they treat everyone in a way to make us all feel special.

And then, when my appointment is done, sharing perspective with Shirley is always special and encouraging before departure, with a promise to "See you again soon."

I have recommended Dr. Matt McCullough and McCullough Family Dentistry to others, and will continue to do so with trust and confidence in their exceptional service.

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